Florida Has More Storms

Historically Florida has more hurricanes than anywhere else in the United States. Nearly twice as many as the state with the 2nd most, Texas.

Hurricanes Through 2018

florida has most hurricanes
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More than 41 percent of hurricanes that hit the United States also make some kind of landfall in the Sunshine State.

The Atlantic hurricane season begins June 1st and ends November 30th. In the US these storms are called hurricanes but they can also be referred to as cyclones. Elsewhere in the world they are typically called typhoons.

Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi are the only three states that have been hit by a Category 5 hurricane. Hurricane Michael was a very powerful and destructive storm that became the first Category 5 hurricane to strike the contiguous United States since Andrew in 1992.

Although hurricanes make landfall on the shoreline, they can drastically affect areas more than 100 miles inland. Hurricanes that do not make landfall but instead stay off the coastline can also cause significant damage as seen by Dorian in 2019. Many areas along the Atlantic coast of Florida reported wind gusts of over tropical storm force.

The List of Florida hurricanes encompasses approximately 500 tropical or subtropical cyclones that affected the state of Florida. Since 1851 only eighteen hurricane seasons passed without a known storm impacting the state. Collectively, cyclones that hit the region have resulted in over 10,000 deaths, most of which occurred prior to the start of hurricane hunter flights in 1943. Additionally, the cumulative impact from the storms totaled over US $216.1 billion in damage (2018 dollars), primarily from Hurricane Andrew (1992), Hurricane Irma (2017) and Hurricane Michael (2018).

Tropical cyclones have affected Florida in every month of the year with the exception of January and March.

The period from 2000 to the present has seen several devastating North Atlantic hurricanes. As of 2017, 79 tropical or subtropical cyclones have affected the state of Florida. Collectively, cyclones in Florida over that period resulted in over $123 billion in damage, most of it from Hurricane Irma. Additionally, tropical cyclones in Florida were responsible for 145 direct fatalities and at least 92 indirect ones during the period. Every year included at least one tropical cyclone affecting the state.

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